Seller's Do's and Dont's List

Selling your home is just as much a job for you as it is for the Real Estate Agent. A good first impression of your home can be the deciding factor in whether you recieve a serious full price offer or not. One might consider getting their home professionally staged.

The goal is to completely de-personalize your entire home so potential buyer's can see it as theirs and not somebody elses. Below are some tips on do's and dont's when you are getting ready to sell your home;


Clean everything, yes EVERYTHING. Clean the glass, walls, furniture, carpet, doors, etc. Take your time and do it right. Make sure you not only clean the inside of your house, but also the outside. Wash dirty walls, clean out the garage, storage spaces, etc. A clean home will receive a higher bid than a dirty home any day of the week. Another good thing to do is make it smell good; open all the windows and doors and air your house out for awhile, and then by some air freshener's or candles. You want your home to shine like new.

Remove excess clutter. Doing this will allow prospective buyers to see the home in a more natural light, how it was meant to be. From a seller's point of view, it is a good sign when buyer's start picturing their belongings in your home. They can't do this with any accuracy if you have a bunch of junk lying around, so make it less personal and more for show. Also clean up your property. Take all of the extra things you have to a place you can store them while you have your home on the market. (Extra cars, boats, lawn mowers, anything else thats just sitting around outside and taking away from the natural beauty of your yard).

Repair the small things. Spend a little money and get everything working, you don't have to necessarily replace everything, but make sure it is in good working condition. The last thing a buyer wants to do in their new house is have to worry about replacing things. Also repair things like broken handles, burnt-out lightbulbs, leaky faucets, squeeky doors, patch holes and other things of that nature.

Maximize curb appeal. The first impression a buyer gets of your home is what they see in the picture, which is most likely going to be the front of your house and your yard, and the first thing they see when they drive up. So keep your lawn mowed and your sidewalks cleared (and yes we live in Minnesota so you have to shovel the snow). You should also repaint faded siding, trim or doors.

Do Not:

Do elaborate remodeling. Stick with smaller, aesthetic upgrades. In almost all situations, huge home improvements like remodeling a bathroom or installing brand new cupboards will not yeild the increase in sale price that you would expect. You can go to the Remodeling Magazine website to view the cost vs. value report in remodeling your home.