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Foreclosure freeze

The governement has announced they will not sustain the freeze on foreclosures. The downside outweighs any gain. It could hurt the fragile market and delay any rebound. It would hurt buyers, start litigation proccesses, stall clearing inventory and establishing market bottoms. Although all homeowners and buyers don't deserve shoddy paperwork and "robo-signers". They deserve to have it done right the first time. We hope this scandal can motivate servicers to improve their system.


Hall of Fame

Curtis has just enetered the Remax Hall of Fame! In his careeer with Remax, he has earned $1,000,000 in commissions. His dedication and perserverence in the real estate business is unquestionable.


Investors are multiplying with the rentals

Now that we can access rentals via the MLS, and with the national homeownership rate declining, the number of investors will greatly multiply. Millions of properties will become rentals in the next few years and this will have a significant impact on the market. Investors already represent almost 20% of the buyers and that number is likely to grow. Investing in the market now would be good timing.


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